Dr Krzysztof Wasilweski, recommending the naturopath, says: I introduced him to the Polish world of science, I made scientists interested in his phenomenon and started in Poland the way to authenticate the energy he has. We worked together on many cases, I observed the therapeutic effects of his touch. I saw how people reacted to this touch. We are in touch all the time, I observe Tadeusz’s achievements and I am glad that under my influence he followed the path of development. Now I recommend this therapy to my relatives who are suffering. The effects amaze me constantly, make me incredulous as a doctor, but they are there and I cannot deny it.

Many Polish doctors, well-known professors of medicine and outstanding scientists became acquainted with the touch and energy emitted from the hands of Tadeusz Cegliński.


„Prof. dr Ryszard Borowski (revalidation) was surprised when he saw the crowd waiting for the meeting with Cegliński for the first time. - These people really believed in his healing powers- he says. But will they ever be able to say, " He helped me”? I tried to find the answer to this question. A research group was created for this purpose: 75 people took part in meetings with Tadeusz Cegliński twice a month for four days. Each of them had to keep a diary and promise not to interrupt conventional treatment. Regardless of that, the students conducted about 900 questionnaires with people whose touch of Cegliński’s hands helped to recover. This experiment was observed by my colleagues: Jerzy Wyrzykowski from the Committee for Scientific Research, Jacek Zabłocki and Józef Półturzycki from the University of Warsaw”.

„Prof. Jacek Zabłocki: I met suffering people who came to Tadeusz Cegliński for the first time. Then I saw their health improve. With tears in their eyes, they showed the results of the tests- evidence that the disease was receding. I cannot answer what makes his touch work. Perhaps Tadeusz Cegliński activates the defese forces of a sick organism in an unknown way. Why? This question is still waiting to be answered.”

„Prof. Józef Półturzycki: I suffer from chronic diabetic phlebitis in my leg. The attacks only stop after a series of injections and medical treatments. During the next relapse of the disease, I underwent the therapy of Tadeusz Cegliński. After three treatments the symptoms disappeared. And in addition, I feel much better. I also talked to people for whom conventional medicine had nothing to offer. Mr. Cegliński restored their health. I do not know how to explain it”.

"Prof. Jerzy Wyrzykowski: Out of the scientist’s curiosity, I agreed to observe the experiment. I have been looking at what I would call the "Cegliński phenomenon” and I am convinced that extensive research is needed involving scientists from various fields. You cannot pretend that if something is unexplored it does not exist.”

„Prof. Borowski is preparing a book in which he will discuss the experiment.- A cursory analysis shows that the touch of Tadeusz Cegliński’s hands is effective in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, allergies and many others. But we do not know yet whether for all of them- says prof. Ryszard Borowski.- A few cases made a big impression on me. First of all, a 14-year-old Tom with a huge hump. He did not walk, could not move his hands. His mother used to bring him to therapy. During the experiment, the hump decreased by half, the boy began to move his arms and legs. It does not go any further. But what is happening to him is amazing. Why is the touch of this bioenergotherapist so powerful?”

„Dr Zygmunt Filipowicz, head of the clinic of the Ministry of Health: "For years I have been observing the activities of Tadeusz Cegliński. I was interested in- absolutely impossible from a medical point of view- complete recoveries. I collect documentation for a scientific study. As a chairman of the Council for Unconventional Therapies at the Minister of Health, I hope that we can finally lead to reliable research that will verify people who deal with various forms of natural therapy. Thanks to this, it will be possible to eliminate rogues among them, and to find the right place next to people who can really help, and maybe together with the doctors. After all, it is about the good of a sick person.”

The quotes below come from the weekly „Pani Domu” No. 31 of July 29, 1998, from an article by Jolanta Pilipczak, „Scientists say: His touch heals. Why? We do not know”.

Giving an interview to the book "BY TOUCH” published by MADA PRES & STAPIS in 1997, said:


Tadeusz Cegliński and dr n. med. Zygmunt Filipowicz


Dr Zygmunt Filipowicz, head of the clinic of the Ministry of Health, chairman of the Council for Unconventional Therapies at the Minister of Health:

„If there was a Polish healers’ group, Tadeusz Cegliński would certainly have a prominent place in it. And the first and only in category of those whose healing abilities have been confirmed by scientific research, signed not only by Polish medical authorities but others as well. This bioenergotherapist, who works miracles every day in his Natural Therapy Center in Tychy, is one of the few recognized by the world of medicine in restoring health to people. But only him and his abilities are regularly researched. Doctors cooperate with him and observe carefully: maybe it is thanks to him that we will finally be able to explain the mechanism of a phenomenon called healing? Bioenergotherapy is a fact, its existence is proved by more and more new cases of people who are helpless in conventional medicine and whose health was restored by Tadeusz Cegliński’s hands. How does it happen? It is still a mystery to science. But for his patients it is the least of the problems. They expect his help and… they get it.”


Doctor Mirosław Reterski
„I believed that my patient’s condition was incurable”

„Doctor Mirosław Reterski is the director of the Provincial Ambulance Station in Częstochowa and at the same time the deputy head of the hospital in Blachownia. He came into contact with Tadeusz Cegliński through one of his patients, who had a complete regression of the disease, already recognized by doctors as permanent. The story of this patient is inexplicable for all of us in the hospital-says doctor Reterski. – He came to us after an accident in which he suffered a trochanteric fracture of the thigh and a traumatic injury to the right peroneal nerve. I participated in an operation on this patient, as a result of which the thigh fusion was successfully performed. The thigh soon healed without problems and the patient returned to his full range of motion in the hip joint. In contrast, the damage to the peroneal nerve turned out to be very serious and showed signs of permanent damage, which was finally confirmed by the EMG examination. As a result, the patient was able to move independently, but dorsal and plantar movements, i.e., up and down movements of the forefoot, were not possible to perform. More figuratively speaking, it was simply a foot drop resulting in a walking disability; the patient was limping very clearly. For several months, we conducted rehabilitation with him, in parallel with physical therapy and pharmacological treatment, but the effect was highly unsatisfactory- it was not possible to restore the nerve’s efficiency. Therefore, the patient was qualified to wear specially adapted foot-support shoes. After a long time of persistent cooperation on the part of the patient, he suddenly disappeared from our sight. I think he stopped believing that we can help him. After a few months, I met him by chance- and I could not believe my eyes. He showed me the full range of functions of his right foot- he was able to perform both dorsal and plantar movements with ease. Amazed, I asked him about the reasons of this truly miraculous change and heard that he had recently made seven visits to a certain bioenergy therapist. This is the first time I heard about Tadeusz Cegliński. The figure of this man intrigued me enormously. I work in the ambulance service and I deal with various injuries every day, therefore I know more or less what is possible in medicine, what is probable and what is rather impossible. The peroneal nerve injury, with all the features of permanent damage, resistant to many months of treatment and rehabilitation- seemed to me irreversible. Meanwhile, the patient freely made any movements of the foot in front of my eyes, without experiencing any pain or effort. I decided to find out who Tadeusz Cegliński is. It so happened that shorly after, the doctor met another patient from his hospital, who also admitted to the therapy- with positive results- at Tadeusz Cegliński. Encouraged by these examples, the doctor went to Tychy. […]. Before meeting Tadeusz Cegliński, I rather did not believe in the effectiveness of alternative medicine, recalls the doctor, even though I read various articles on this subject and watched a lot of programs. On the one hand, I was fascinated by, for example, the bloodless treatments of the kahunas in the Philippines, and on the other hand, in my own work, I rather encountered victims of our various healers, especially chiropractors and “adjusters” from near Częstochowa, whose actions we later had to repair at the hospital. So if it was not for that nerve-healing case I had seen, I would probably still be wary. I have very positive memories of my first encounter with Tadeusz Cegliński. It turned out that you can talk to him factually, he has no qualities of a shaman or guru, and he does not make suggestions in any form. […]. We ask the doctor if his cold, medical mind is not rebelling against such bioenergotherapeutic practices. On the contrary, since there is such a clear evidence that the energy transmitted by Mr. Cegliński is conducive to healing processes, I would rather be in favour of his cooperation with doctors. [..] Mr. Cegliński’s action has most likely an effect on the immune system and as such may accelerate the healingprocess. [..]. I think that such joint action of Mr. Cegliński and doctors would be of great significance for medicine”.


Doctor Józef Puzio
„I will always be grateful to Mr. Tadeusz”

„Clinic of General and Vascular Surgery, Silesian Medical University. Doctor Józef Puzio welcomes us in his adjunct office. Only here we can talk to him, because he himself does not visit the CTN, it is the forth year since his ailments have subsided and they have not returned to this day, despite the fact that they had been oppressing him for 13 years before. What was happening to me then was horrible- says the doctor.- Nobody who suffered from this disease can even imagine it. Therefore, my gratitude to Mr. Cegliński is still as great as it was four years ago and I know that in the event of any possible ailments, this will be the first place I will go. His help was very effective. The doctor’s suffering began in 1976. These were severe paroxysmal headaches of unknown origin and of a strange course, because they only affected one side of the head, along with the eye and nasal passage. It was still many years before this disease was correctly recognized- as the so-called Horton’s syndrome. It is a neurological disease, says the doctor.- Very strange because it occurs periodically. Pain attacks occur cyclically, several times a day, for 6 to 8 weeks. It usually happens twice a year, in spring and fall. […]. This pain attack lasts 20-30 minutes and there is no way to relieve it with some painkiller- nothing works at all. […]. Nobody who has experienced it will really understand this. ”And although I am a doctor myself, I was helpless in my suffering. […] It was then that a friend who is a doctor, told the doctor about Tadeusz Cegliński. She went to Tychy with her sick husband herself and persuaded her friend to try it as well. […]. What I liked about Mr. Tadeusz from the beginning was his recommendation not to stop taking my medications. He made it very clear that his therapy is complementary to medical treatment and that it is not a substitute for the treatment. This is a great contrast to the multitude of charlatans that draw patients away from doctors. The therapy itself also surprised me a lot, because when Mr. Tadeusz put his hands on me, I felt a great warmth, but not in the place where he put his hands, but in the center of my head, somewhere inside. When I told him about it, he replied that it was very good, but added that the pain would not completely leave me- and invited me to therapy in a week. Indeed- during this week I had an attack twice, but much lighter than before. So I came again with even greater confidence. I felt the warmth inside my head again- and since then I have never had seizures again. It has just been four years now that I am pain free. Then, once again invited by Mr. Tadeusz to Tychy,… where I saw a very interesting video screened before the therapy- and it ended with these three meetings. They had a sensational and immediate effect, although on what basis- I do not know. However, the fact is irrefutable and more than once I have sent my friends to Mr. Tadeusz with various ailments, even three nurses from my hospital went there at my instigation. I know from the account that Mr. Tadeusz helped everyone. […]? Maybe his hands work like two poles- each is charged with a different electric and discharge in the focus of the disease? Or maybe his energy is released on the basis of potential difference? It is still a great mystery, science has no opinion on it yet, so it is even more difficult for me to formulate hypotheses. I am sure of one thing: Tadeusz Cegliński has helped me effectively, for which I will always be grateful. I know that if I ever suffer again, I will come to him first.”


Doctor Henryk Jarosiński
„I was taken by Cegliński’s suit”

„Doctor Henryk Jarosiński is a gynecologist. A doctor by calling; he devotes a lot of time and energy to his work, he is a recognized and popular specialist. A heart attack also caught him at work… It was suggested to him that returing to full fitness could probably be achieved only by a bypass, i.e. an operation involving the replacement of damaged vessels with healthy ones taken from the body. […]. So he signed up for the queue… Once, when I was giving another sick leave, with a heavy heart, to our Health Care Center, I met a friend from work, a dermatologist- says the doctor- We talked about my problems and she recommended her friend, a bioenergotherapist. She enthusiastically talked about how he helped her with her long-term health problems and urged me to try too. But she found a skeptic. I said I would not go to Tychy. I really had no intention of going there. Meanwhile, the clinic in Ochojec announced a renovation and the date of my addmission to the examination was postponed by two or three months. I did not want to wait, so I thought about Tychy, at least I would have a small trip. Together with my wife we set off. I was not even allowed to drive a car. What a nightmare. Doctor Jarosiński went to CTN more out of curiosity and willingness to take any action than with hope. As he later admitted, he associated bioenergotherapy with shamanism, an aura of weirdness and a haunted atmosphere that sometimes surrounds different „healers”. His rational medical mind rebelled against engaging in such practices. So the first thing that caught his attention in CTN were- as he later told humorously- Tadeusz Cegliński’s suits … . I was expecting everything- including a guy in a black cloak blowing some smoke. However, it was very normal; so normal that I felt the feeling of trust. I liked the video shown before the screening, with a lot of specific scientific material. A moment later, I met Tadeusz Cegliński, he captivated me with enthusiasm and commitment to his activity. I decided that even if it turns out that I need a bypass, I still can come here in the meantime. […]. After ten visits to Tychy, he had his queue at the clinic and cardiac catheterization was finally carried out. The examination showed a change in the subendocardium, but the patency of the vessles was normal; no changes were detected that could support a surgical solution. The cardiology team’s final conclusion was; „Your friends in Dąbrowa must have made a mistake in the diagnosis- it probably was not a heart attack. After a heart attack, the changes would not have reversed so quickly in just six months. „I replied that my colleagues in Dąbrowa handle a large area of over two hundred thousand people in their cardiology department and deal with hundreds of complicated cases, so the diagnosis of a heart attack did not exceed their competence- recalls the doctor- Anyway, I did not discuss this topic any longer. Later, in private, however, I asked the doctor about his attitude towards unconventional medicine, admitting to therapy with Tadeusz Cegliński. I was expecting some kind of violent reaction, but he saw no problem. He replied that if it helped me, it must be working. The doctor was discharged from Ochojec in December, and the day after Christmas, he received a certificate of fitness necessary for work. Only in January he underwent an isotope test at the Clinic of the Silesian Medical Academy, which confirmed that the operation would not be justified at present. The current ECG also turned out to be much better than the previous one. The doctor did not undertake any further visits to Cegliński; he went to CTN only once more, giving a relative from Łódź, also suffering from heart disease, a lift there. He feels good and works normally. Some of his patients, especially those with myomas, are suggested to visit Cegliński, usually with good results- in a few cases the threat of surgery has been removed. Sometimes he also wonders, from his medical point of view, about the phenomenon of bioenergotherapy. I think this is a phenomenon that would have to be considered physically or biophysically. It is probably about the flow of some energy that can change the magneticdipole; rapid changes of intensity can cause rapid regeneration or renewal of cells. It has nothing to do with medicine, it is pure physics. Of course, I cannot explain it, however such therapy has a great future. I think that people with similar abilities to Mr. Cegliński have always existed, but for centuries they could not reveal themselves, because either they were burned at the stake, or the king or the emperor kept them outside only for himself. Now they are treated not quite normally too, because some of them spoil the opinion of this environment- precisely because of the smoke and haunted atmosphere. I was lucky to find a real practitioner right away.


Doctor Andrzej Dzikowski
„This is not an ordinary suggestion”

„I am a doctor, I work in the mining health service,” doctor Andrzej Dzikowski says about himself.- Well it turns out doctors get sick too. I suffered a lot from coronary heart disease and finally, two and a half years ago, I was bypassed. After the surgery I felt very well, but six months later I developed chronic hepatitis C. Treatment in the Department of Infectious Diseases in Bytom was prolonged, soi t was decided to take an interferon treatment, which is a very strong drug and unfortunately causes serious side effects- high temperature, chills, joint pains, reduction in the number of platelets, and even hair loss. In my case, it was also important that it could exacerbate coronary artery disease. It turned out, however, that I did not develop any of these symptoms. After a long treatment, the morphology is fine, the other test results are also fine, the liver tests are good. Everyone is surprised how it happened, because basically there were no side effects of interferon treatment. I think I know this secret. I am convinced that the touch of Mr. Cegliński’s hands acts on my body as the best protective drug. […]. And how does he, as a doctor, explain his good condition today? I feel such a clear warmth during Mr. Tadeusz’s touch that I cannot deny the existence of a very specific physical phenomenon that occurs at the time of the therapy. […]. However, I cannot explain the mechanism of this action, and at the present stage of medical knowledge, no one can do it yet. Mr. Tadeusz works simply in accordance with some natural phenomenon, not yet discovered by science, yet not non-existent. After all, many phenomena received a scientific explanation and justification after many years. Anyway, in the case of Mr. Cegliński, the usual suggestion is not an option, because how would we explain the cases of improvement of sick infants? Mr. Tadeusz himself does not know how he does it- his hands just work like that”.


Doctor Barbara Chrobok
„Laser also heals with invisible energy”

„We talk to doctor Barbara Chrobok, a dermatologist, in her office, but this time she is the patient, even though she is wearing a white coat. A patient of Tadeusz Cegliński. They met in this very office; Tadeusz was visiting a doctor he knew, a surgeon from the same clinic, who was also friends with doctor Chrobok, and they both stopped by for a while. Cegliński, wanting to demonstrate the warmth of his hands, performer a mini-therapeutic session on her. It was a complete coincidence that the doctor was suffering from long-term gastro-intestinal disorders and was feeling very bad. After that one accidental touch, the ailments subsided, but the doctor did not think much about it. She did not know anything about Cegliński or about bioenergotherapy as such, let alone think that she would soon become one of Tadeusz’s most grateful patients. The doctor had a serious problem. A problem with which she lived exactly seventeen years and which, according to experts, was to remain for life. I was 22 then, she recalls, and I was a third-year medical student. During the holidays, for an unknown reason, I suffered from an acute circulatory disorder in my brain. It was not determined whether it was a micro-hemorrhage, or the contraction of a vessel, nevertheless, the effect was the formation of a necrotic focus at the subcortical point. The result- a reduction in tension in the muscles of the left side of the body, i.e. more figuratively speaking, a stiffening of the entire left side. It was not a movement disorder, only a sensory disturbance, as in numbness. A very strange condition, because I felt differently against my right hand than against my left hand. Same with the legs. I spent the whole month in the neurology department of the hospital, where I was treated with cardiovascular therapy. I remember this stay as one great stress; for the young girl I was then, being in neurology unit among paralyzed people, people suffering from paralysis, in very severe conditions, it was a shock. […]. I have learned that this „otherness” of the left side of the body will remain forever. Certain cells in the brain have been destroyed and you have to deal with it. It was quite a stress for me. Some time after a meeting with Tadeusz Cegliński in his office, the doctor thought that perhaps this bioenergotherapist could help her in this matter. She consulted her fellow surgeon, who then brought Cegliński to her; this one applauded the idea. The doctor herself knew nothing about bioenergotherapy. She was one of the few people who always consciously avoid articles and programs on this subject. […]. I did not expect anything from this meeting, because I was aware that new cells in my brain would not be created. But maybe as a preventive measure for the future… I have always believed in invisible energy, because I use a laser myself in my work- its operation is also invisible, and it helps. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere at the seance, … I felt really intense warmth in the touched place …- and suddenly I realized that I did not feel my usual „otherness” on the left side of my body. It was a strange feeling, or rather- normal for the first time in many years. […]. I suppose if a neurologist examined me now, his level of surprise would be even greater than mine, because he knows from his knowledge that this cannot be achieved with any drugs or any surgery.”


Doctor Zdzisław Czarnożyński
„I was convinced by the improvement of my wife’s condition”

„Doctor Zdzisław Czarnożyński first brought his wife to the CTN. Today, six months after her first visit, he is also Tadeusz Cegliński’s patient. He was convinced by the improvement of his wife’s condition. Before that, he had a waiting attitude towards the bioenergotherapeutic activities of Cegliński. Another doctor- formerly also a patient of Cegliński- recommended this bioenergotherapist to his wife. My husband probably did not have much conviction at first about these visits, but on the other hand, he would do anything so I do not suffer anymore- says Janina Czarnożyńska. And since a long time I have been suffering tremendously because instead of walking, I was just limping with a great pain. My right hip joint is scheduled for replacement. Endoprosthesis was inevitable, it was only a matter of time. I tried to extend my own fitness through various massages and rehabilitation, but without major effects. I could not walk, and even stand longer, I had a problem turning to my right side in bed. In addition, I suffered from the so-called Renart’s disease, which is manifested by whitening of the arms and legs with every, even the smallest nervoursness. When I got nervous, everything fell out of my hands. I could not pick up heavier things at all, because my hands turned white immediately. It was in this state that I came to Mr. Tadeusz in December 1995. After the first and second visits, I felt nothing. After the third visit, as soon as we got to the house, I grabbed my bag and ran up to the first floor. My husband ran after me, amazed at what was happening- instead of limping, I almost run with the weight in my hands. Normally it was he who carried such bags, it was impossible for me to do it. This moment was probably a breakthrough, because from then on I started to walk almost normally. Sure it hurts a bit now, but I can walk! By the way, I got rid of that limb bleaching too. It just disappeared. […]. I think that the bioenergotherapeutic massage used by Tadeusz Cegliński is a very good complement to the normal treatment with conventional means- says doctor Czarnożyński.


Doctor Wanda Kopińska
„A glass and an eye are not enough”

„After years of standing work, it is easy to get leg and back problems. They did not miss doctor Wanda Kopińska too, … The spine caused the greatest pain in the lumbar and cervical section. And the legs… pains, swelling and phlebitis lasted for three years without a break, the pills only helped temporarily, because of this standing work… In the summer of 1994, another deep vein inflammation started. God, I suffered tremendously-recalls the doctor.- In addition, I lived in constant fear of the formation of a blockage. I was just looking for new pills when I saw a program about Tadeusz Cegliński on TV. Doctors and scientists from Germany, who studied his abilities, were interviewed. I immediately felt the need to meet him. I came to Tychy, but I underwent only three therapeutic sessions; the inflammation passed instantly, the pains ended abruptly and permanently- I have been pain-free for two years now. I did not even think about going to further meetings, because I completely recovered. We ask the doctor what she thinks about all this from a point of view of a doctor; after all, the classical medicine that is taught at universities, does not record such a phenomenon as bioenergotherapy. While still a student, I thought that a glass and an eye were not enough when it comes to medicine. The physician should have a broader perspective and less „official” approach to patients;… Personally, I admit the existence of irrational phenomena in medicine, and I am not ashamed of it, although my friends, who are doctors themselves, had a grudge against me for visiting quack doctors”.




Med. dr med. n. med. Leszek Wdowiak
a national consultant and scientific expert on medical organs of state admistration
„It is inexplicable”

„Med. dr med. n. med. Leszek Wdowiak from the Medical University of Lublin obtained his knowledge and medical titles in the service of academic medicine, obviously conventional one. The recent, accidental meeting with Tadeusz Cegliński meant that for the first time he came face to face with a phenomenon which existence he had so far denied. Here is the memory of this meeting and the reflection it caused. „I am skeptical about the so-called healers- says med. Wdowiak.- Only Tadeusz Cegliński’s seances arouse my appreciation. I met him in Ustroń. I said that I am a profesor of medicine. He replied that he also helps people. I laughed and asked him to help me. I had severe coronary pains. He touched me, I felt the warmth. The pains are gone now. I was healthy and I could not explain it. His touch helped me, I wanted to see what would happen next. We met several times. The pain was gone. How to explain it? It is inexplicable from the medical point of view”.

During the visits at the clinic of the Ministry of Health, the Medical Society in Warsaw and the Medical University of Silesia, many prominent and well-known medical professors became acquainted with the energy emitted from the hands of Tadeusz Cegliński, who clamied, like med. Witold Tuganowski that „After all, you cannot deny the existance of phenomena, the essence of which we do not know, then there would be no science”.

Med. dr med. n. med. Leszek Wdowiak together with Tadeusz Cegliński during a touch therapy.



„  Unfortunately, I do not have any shocking secrets. I was simply born with my extraordinary gift, and I would not even be able to come up with a good “book” description of the practices with which I support it. I do not do any meditation, I do not take energy from the cosmos, I do not send energy from a distance, I have no revelations that I am a follower of Christ. Well, just a regular guy with such a talent. Some people have a talent for painting, others for music, and I have healing hands.

I am convinced by the theory of scientists and doctors that these hands emit some energy of a nature unknown to science, and I like the idea that any disease is an energy imbalance in the body, and the treatment is to restore this balance. A sick body is otfen too weak to restore it on its own, and only a dose of energy received from outside stimulates the immune system to defend itself. The hypothesis that the patient receives such a dose of energy from my hands is convincing to me, and I think that this is how it is done- I do not treat the patient’s body but stimulate it to activate the self-healing mechanism. However, I am still interested in something else- where does this energy come from in me?

I have been convinced of the power of my touch from more than 40 years. Many people come to me for help, some of them, satisfied with the effects of the therapy, come back after some time. There are those who have recovered and have no need to come, but there are also those who have passed away, the power to heal is not to give immortality. My energy gave them peace and comfort to walk away without pain. I am very emotionally attached to my patients, I remember the stories of many of them till today. I could tell stories endlessly because I have met so many suffering people in my life and I have done everything to help them. I am devoted to people and absorbed in what I do. I am happy with even the smallest positive effects in a patient and I wish the greatest possible effects to everyone”.

You can read about Tadeusz Cegliński and the effects of his influence in books, which were published to document the effectiveness of his face and body treatments.
They contain many descriptions of specific cases in which he has been successful in helping. A huge number of them treats Tadeusz Cegliński equally with OUTSTANDING people.

One copy of the book "PRZEZ DOTYK” ["BY TOUCH”] was given to the Holy Father John Paul II. In response to the sent book, Tadeusz Cegliński received thanks from the Vatican:



On behalf of His Holiness John Paul II, I would like to thank you for your gift in the form of a book. The Holy Father is grateful for this sincere kindness and devotion to his person, which are a sign of spiritual connection with Him. In his prayers, He asks God for all the needed favors in personal and family life. Especially, for deepening and receiving hope and strengthening christian love, constantly serving other people. During the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, the Holy Father sends his blessings to you and your loved ones.

With best regards, Mons. Pedro Lopez Quintana the Assessor” (Vatican October 26, 2000)






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In the years 1990-1999 Tadeusz Cegliński participated in many research projects which aimed at explaining and authenticating his healing skills. On September, 20-25, 1993, Tadeusz Cegliński demonstrated his skills during...



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In June 1986, another German scholar became interested in Tadeusz Cegliński’s skills and extensive documentation of the positive effects of his therapy. This German scholar conducted reserach in folk medicine...



In the early 1980s, Tadeusz Cegliński developed his therapeutical activity in the Federal Republic of Germany. In May 1985 at the Institute of Psychology and Psychohygiene at the University of...

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