In June 1986, another German scholar became interested in Tadeusz Cegliński’s skills and extensive documentation of the positive effects of his therapy. This German scholar conducted reserach in folk medicine and in the field of unconventional treatment methods in the Federal Republic of Germany. Prof. dr Günter Wiegelmann is a Honorary Doctor of the Royal University of Lund in Sweden and a director of the Department of Ethnology at the University of Münster (Volkskundliches Seminar Universität Münster).

In 1986 the cooperation and rich correspondence of prof. Wiegelmann with Tadeusz Cegliński has began. In this correspondence, you can read, among others, the following words.


June 30, 1986

"Dear Mr. Cegliński. Thank you very much for your kind letter from 16.6. Providing me, for a short period of time, with written statements from people who describe your ability to help the sick, would be an important basis for research. Healers have expressed the wish to test their abilities scientifically many times. I have not taken any action in this direction yet. Based on my experience, it will be a hard task to convince university clinics about this, however it might be possible another time.

With kind regards, devoted Wiegelman

A letter from prof. Gunter Wiegelmann to Tadeusz Cegliński, July 16, 1986

July 16, 1986

"Dear Mr. Cegliński. A few days ago I received your letter and copies of your patients’ letters attached. I would like to express my sincere words of thanks to you. These letters show unusual reports, and in my opinion, you should be commended for keeping such detalied documentation. I would like to express my deepest wish to get to know you in person and to look through your activites […]. Perhaps it is possible for you to come to Munster. Thank you one more time and I enclose my best wishes for your blessed activity. I express the words of my commitment. Your Prof. Wiegelmann”


September 19, 1986

„Dear Mr. Cegliński. Today I have found some time to warmly thank you for your visit to Munster, for intensive discussions and for your documentation. Your visit made a great impression on us. I would like to kindly ask you to send us further patients’ statements if you receive any new ones. We will reimburse you for the costs associated with copies on behalf of der Volkskundlichen Komission für Westfalen. I enclose my best wishes for your wife. Obliged towards you, Prof. dr Günter Wiegelmann”.




Appreciating the unique healing abilites of Tadeusz Cegliński and the effects of his therapies, prof. Wiegelmann devoted an entire chapter to him in his scientific study " Volksmedizin heute” ("Folk Medicine Today”) and placed a picture of his hands on the cover of his book.



Based on the reports on the effects of Tadeusz Cegliński’s actions provided by patients and doctors, as well as his own observations, experiments and research, on July 8, 1987, prof. Günter Wiegelmann has issued the following certificate (English translation below):

University of Munster
4400 Munster/Westfalia/ Domplatz 23.
July 8, 1987


„Certificate for Mr. Tadeusz Cegliński, Dortmund"

In the course of my studies in the field of current state of folk medicine in Northwest Germany, I published an announcement in the press to collect statements about healers and magnetizers. In the summer 1986, Mr. Tadeusz Cegliński came to me and presented me with extensive reporting documentation. Edited by people who have been treated by him. He presented his curriculum vitae, the nature of his activity and at the same time, he demonstrated his practice to us. Since then, I got to know Mr. Cegliński very well thanks to numerous conversations during repeated tests of his talents. I was able to get an accurate picture of his activities. On this basis, I can say the following about him: Mr. Cegliński is a deeply religious person with a strong personality. He is permeated with his task of helping people in their health problems. His unusual healing abilities have been confirmed… […]. I had an opportunity to convince myself of the authencity of the effects on the basis of numerous patient statements, my own observations and various tests. […]. However, for various reasons, he wants his abilities to be tested and assessed by specialists in the field of medicine, […]. I would like to turn to my colleagues specilizing in the field of medicine. Mr. Cegliński would like to present them with his request to check his abilities and confirm them objectively. Due to today’s sufferings, except for rapid development of modern medicine, new ways of helping people should be found. In the case of sending me a report, I would like to express my commitment.

„Signed Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Günter Wiegelmann"




For many years Professor Wiegelmann was dealing with the scientific problems of folk medicine in Germany, he was intensively involved in carrying out research on numerous magnetizers and healers, as well as their unconventional methods of working. After publishing the results of his research entitiled "Volksmedizin heute”, he gave an interview to the media, in which he also talked about healing abilities of Tadeusz Cegliński. Excerpts from the above-mentioned inteview published in the Nord-West Zeitung are to be found below.


Nord-West Zeitung’s article, 1987

On October 24, 1987, an interview with prof. Wiegelmann was published in the German newspaper "Nord–West Zeitung” and was titiled " Wissenschaftler bescheinigt Heiler ungewohnliche Erfolge” (The scientist confirms the remarkable successes of the healer). Professor Günter Wiegelmann spoke about the participation of Tadeusz Cegliński in a reseach project in the field of Folk Medicine at the University of Münster. He characterized Tadeusz Cegliński as "a mixture of a magnetizer and a healer” and described him as an extraordinary person with exceptional successes in his field. He confirmed the unusual achievements of Tadeusz Cegliński, about which one can read in the research report "Folk Medicine Today” published in 1987 by Coppenrath Verlag, Munster.


In the interview, the profesor emphasized that he and his team had never met a person with such outstanding healing abilities as Tadeusz Cegliński has. To confirm his opinion, he cited several cases, including the example of Tadeusz Cegliński curing his 15-year-old daughter Julianna from chronic nasal sinusitis. From the records of healed people, Professor Wiegelmann selected several other examples that were included in the article, among others:

The woman suffered from a visual impairment, the so-called double-vision. An ophthalmologist diagnosed her with paralysis of several eye muscles as a result of mild apoplexy or diabetes and sent the patient to the hospital for examination. As they turned out to be negative, the woman turned for help to another doctor who said that he does not see any possibility of curing the patient. Thanks to Tadeusz Cegliński, the woman’s health condition improved and the ophthamologist, who was in charge of her, confirmed the positive effect of Tadeusz Cegliński’s therapy […].

A woman who had been complaining of pain in her arm, despite the treatment with injections which did not impove her condition, was also healed. Only surgery gave her a chance to improve her health. In this situation, she asked young Tadeusz Cegliński for help. By placing his hands on her, he relieved the woman of the pain in her joints, which she had to endure for three years […].

A six-year-old girl who had polyps qualified for surgical removal also recovered. However, the surgery did not take place because during the collective therapy in the parish church in Dortmund, the child was healed thanks to the energy of Tadeusz Cegliński. Based on the parents’ reports, no new sympthoms have occured since then.



The documents translated into Polish from the University of Regensburg on June 6,1988, July 14, 1998 and May 12, 1989 indicate that:

The year 1988 was the next stage of verification of Tadeusz Cegliński’s healing abilities and achievements which were supported by numerous testimonies of people who were healed. Documentation of the course of this verification was collected at the University of Regensburg. On its basis, we are able to precisely recreate next stages of confirming the extraordinary healing abilities of Tadeusz Cegliński.

Numerous examples of the positive impact of Tadeusz Cegliński on sick people and the effects of his therapies, prompted Professor Wiegelmann to cooperate with specialists in the field of psychology and medicine in order to verify and validate his own observations.

On April 28, 1988, Professor Günter Wiegelmann turned to the Dean of the Faculty of NWF III Biology and Pre-clinical Medicine at the University of Regensburg (Medizinische Psychologie Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin) prof. dr Moll, with a request to conduct psychological and medical research on the person of Tadeusz Cegliński and his working methods at the facility of the University of Medical Psychology. Professor Wiegelmann described Tadeusz Cegliński as a serious person with many talents and achievements. To prove the positive impact of Tadeusz Cegliński, he submitted extensive documentation. He confirmed the effects of the impact with his own observations which were described in his book "Volksmedizin heute" (Coppenrath Verlag 1987) on pages 172-177. Additionally, he confirmed his opinion in the letter of July 8, 1987 which was cited above.

In addition, prof. Wiegelmann made available about 100 reports from patients and doctors describing the effects of Tadeusz Cegliński. The examples provided below have been unsuccessfully treated with conventional medicine.

The case of Mrs. Waltrud S
., who had been suffering from unilateral paresis for 2 years, according to the medical examination protocol of one of the hospitals where she was treated for spinal cord inflammation. In 1985 she turned to Mr. Cegliński for the first time with a request for help because after a few weeks in hospital there was no health improvement. After about 2 months of therapies with Tadeusz Cegliński, the patient was able to run without any problems. During the 14-day vacation in Yugoslavia, the patient went on long hikes (about 15 km), and the pains appeared only once during unfavourable weather conditions such as sudden change of weather or mountain wind. Moreover, the patient’s health condition did not deteriorate in any aspect. 

The case of Mr. Tomasz K. who underwent shin surgery and the removal of splints after two years. The result was a fifteen-centimeter wide wound, open to the bone, which had not healed for a long time. Despite the use of various treatments, there has been no improvement. In December 1984, the patient turned to Tadeusz Cegliński and after about two weeks of therapy, the treatment process unexpectedly improved. At the same time, the blood circulation disorders, which the patients struggled with, were gone completely.

Mrs. Margarete J.
  benefitted from the therapy conducted by Tadeusz Cegliński, during a very painful disease- shingles, with which she struggled at the turn of 1986 and 1987. Already after the third day of Mr. Cegliński’s activity, the pain completely subsided. This state has not changed to this day.



The rich library of documents confirming the effectiveness of Tadeusz Cegliński’s extraordinary power was suplemented with press information discussing his gift and effectiveness in the undertaken therapeutic activities (e.g. Nord-West Zeitung of August 16, 1986). All these circumstances made scientists from Regensburg interested in the phenomenon of Tadeusz Cegliński.

In June 1988, Tadeusz Cegliński was invited to the University of Regensburg to conduct laboratory observations of the effects of his therapy. And so, from June 6 to June 11, 1988, psychological and medical tests were carried out at the Department of Medical Psychology and the Specialist Clinic of Respiratory Diseases in Donaustauf in order to verify the effects of Tadeusz Cegliński’s energy, on both healthy and sick people, excluding the effect of suggestions on the psyche, but confirming its positive impact on the sick place, e.g. by bearing pain and anxiety.

The research was observed and conducted by a commission of scientists from the University of Regensburg, which included: 

  • prof. dr med. Dipl. Psych. G W. Speierer,
  • prof. dr  D. von Schmadel,
  • PD dr hab. L. J. Nawrocki,
  • dr med. B. Hochkirchen.

In addition to scientists from University, the research also included: : 

  • dr med. Christiane von Hahn lekarz psychiatra i psychoanalityk;
  • dr med. F.X. Schmid dyplomowany lekarz psycholog i psychoterapeuta;
  • dr med. Friedrich von Bultzinslowen -specjalista chorób wewnętrznych i dróg oddechowych ordynator Kliniki Specjalistycznej w Donaustauf;
  • dr med. Schrott lekarz chorób ogólnych, leczący środkami naturalnymi.


As part of this research, observations, measurements and analyzes of the health state of the patients who had been subjected to Tadeusz Cegliński’s treatments, were carried out. He put his hands on specific places affected by the disease, e.g. the head. As a result of observations and a diagnostic survey, it was found that all people, without exception, felt warmth in the place which was touched with hands, regardless of their health condition. This sensation was extremely intense and pleasant, especially in the sick areas.

In these subjectively felt regions of heat, the temperature was measured with a single thermomether. However, in order to objectify the results, the effects were measured in places of movement using a thermoelement, which makes it possible to measure the electric voltage if the temperature at which the device’s wires are connected is different from the temperature at which the free ends of these wires are placed. In places where Tadeusz Cegliński laid his hands, the temperature rose from 36.8 ℃ to 37.6 ℃.

People who felt the increase of heat, claim it to happen within the first minute. The measurement of the temperature of Tadeusz Cegliński’s hands showed an increase from 35,2℃ before placing the hands, to 37,2℃ after 2- 3 minutes of hands’ exposure to the touched places. People who showed willingness and were subjectively experiencing sympthoms of the disease underwent touch therapy. Putting hands on the diseased areas caused a feeling of warmth and therefore it was possible to observe a relationship between this feeling and the temperature of the places exposed to Tadeusz Cegliński’s touch.

The improvement took place in the case of the experienced sympthoms, e.g. the disappearance of the exisiting pain, the feeling of tension in the muscles and limitation in movement. This was confirmed in the two cited cases, where apart from the feeling of warmth, there were also other effects of the energy coming from the hands of Tadeusz Cegliński. The first patient noticed visible improvement of her breathing. In the second case, the patient who suffered from serious difficulties with functioning due to spinal problems, as the patient herself reported, the pain subsided and the mobility improved. The impressed patient demonstrated to the observers the regained efficiency in terms of self-service, which was not possible before the therapy started.

In these two cases, during the experiments conducted under medical supervision at the Specialist Clinic in Donaustauf, the patients statements were entered in the tests protocols on June 10, 1998:


Patient V.- diagnosis: acute bronchial asthma-suffered during an acute asthma attack, after a 5-minute touch by Mr. Cegliński there was a clear improvement.

Patient N. – diagnosis: fibrosierende alveolitis, bronchitis and polymyositis (alveolitis and fibrosis, bronchitis and chronic myositis). For several years she had been bedridden and after 20 minutes of therapy she was able to get up almost painlessly on her own. Additionally, she stated that the persistent pain in the back of her head suddenly subsided.

In the opinion of scientists observing the described events, these unusual phenomena are inexplicable from the medical point of view. In order to confront the results, a control experiment was carried out. Other people, who had no such abilities as Tadeusz Cegliński, started to put hands on. No temperature increase was achieved for either person in the places they touched or their hands. This was confirmed by observations and control measurments of temperature. The documents from the University of Regensburg also contain information about the lecture organized during Tadeusz Cegliński’s visit at the university. 40 students of medicine took part in the lecture which was combined with a practical demonstration of Tadeusz Cegliński’s skills. Students, who assessed their health condition as being subjectively good, underwent Tadeusz Cegliński’s treatments. After a few minutes, the touched places were very clearly warmed, which was confirmed by all the students who fell under the touch of Tadeusz Cegliński. In addition to the lecture, 14 individual therapeutic sessions were organized with patients suffering from various diseases, which development was stopped during the monitoring of activities.

Regardless of the research described above, many extensive tests and medical interviews were carried out with Tadeusz Cegliński. The documents show that Tadeusz Cegliński’s great and disinteresed commitment to research, his willingness to cooperate, openness and honesty in the research procedure, which increases its value and objectivity, should be emphasized.




"On the basis of the presented evidence, as well as our research, we come to the following conclusions: 

  • Mr. Cegliński’s action has an extraordinary method of treatment, which is inexplicable from the medical point of view; 
  • Under medical supervision, it has been shown that Mr. Cegliński’s activity has unexplained pain relieveing properties; 
  • In cases in which medicine was helpless, after the activity of Mr. Cegliński there was an expected positive reaction; 
  • On the basis of the above-mentioned statements, it can be established that there is a casual relationship between the therapeutic effect of Mr. Cegliński and the patients’ final effects”.


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